Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

Are you worrying about lost office files after accidentally formatting hard drive? If yes then do not worry, still there are chances to get back those lost files. Now you may think that how is it possible to recover files after formatting hard drive. It is possible, because when you format hard drive data present in that partition will not delete permanently and resides on hard disk by making those deleted data space available for storing other data. In this situation, by employing data recovery software, you can easily regain those formatted data before overwritten by other data and results in permanent data loss from hard disk. This is the best tool for hard drive recovery on both Windows and Mac based OS machines in couple of minutes. It consists of effective algorithms, which helps to perform deep scanning of formatted hard drive to find lost files and folders, and retrieves them back without much effort. It is capable to rescue more than 300 file types includes audio, video, pictures, documents etc. from formatted hard disk. Moreover, it supports data recovery from USB drives, memory card, external hard disk, iPod etc.

What scenarios make you to format the hard drive?

Suppose in your hard disk, you have only Windows OS but you needed Linux OS to network related applications. Therefore, you decide to install that OS on the unwanted partition but while deleting partition D if you accidentally or unknowingly delete partition E that is consists of vital office documents then it results in huge data loss. In this situation, use above mentioned tool to retrieve data from hard drive after format.

Virus threats are serious subject in corruption of partition in any storage devices. When you connect virus infected USB devices to copy data, sharing virus-infected data through internet and downloading virus infected data stuff then virus easily spread into your hard disk and corrupts partition table. When partition table gets severely affected by these virus attacks then that partition will become inaccessible and results in huge data loss. Unless formatting that drive you are unable to store other data into that drive.

Using disk management tool is used to create, modify, and delete the existing partition in hard disk dynamically. In case, when you are modifying any existing partition by using this tool if you delete partition information accidentally then that partition become inaccessible. In such case, you do not have any other choice to access that drive data so finally, you need to format that drive.

In hard disk, already existing file system can convert to other file system by dynamically. Converting file system from FAT32 to NTFS file system is acceptable and it works. However, if cover file system from NTFS to FAT32 file system then there are chances of file system corruption and results in inaccessible drive. In this time, you need to reformat hard drive to access data present in other partition. Whatever be the reason behind formatting hard drive, by using this tool one can perform data recovery from hard drive after formatting on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 etc. In addition, this tool helps user to perfrom data recovery from hard drive after inaccessible