Recover Accidentally Formatted Flash Drive Effectively

Flash drives are the storage devices used to store data on it. It has different names like pen drive, thumb drive and USB flash drive. It can be accessed on the devices with USB port like computers. Now, in some televisions also USB ports are provided. You can plug in the flash drive to view the files in it. You can carry the data and transfer to any computer system. You can even edit the files on your PC. Flash drive is small and compact in size. It comes in different designs nowadays. Hence you have number of options to choose from. The storage capacity of the flash drive varies from 2 GB to 128 GB.

These drives may be formatted if you want to delete the data in it at once. When you format the drive, the files in it will be removed and the storage spaces in which the photos are stored are marked as deleted and you can save new files on it. You should take the backup of the files in it before formatting. Otherwise you will definitely lose the files. If you had any important files then you may be regretting after formatting the drive. Do not worry. There is a way to retrieve deleted picture and other files from the formatted flash drive using recovery software. Picture Recovery Software helps you to recover the files effectively.

Some of the scenarios in which flash drives are formatted:

It’s a tradition to have the backup of the data on the drive before you format it, as the data on the drive will be lost after formatting.

  • Suppose you want to format a drive on the computer and selected the flash drive instead of that drive. In that case, you will lose the files from the flash drive.
  • You may select the format option on the flash drive instead of performing some other action on it. You can recover photos from accidentally formatted flash drive easily using recovery software.

There are lots of other reasons for losing files from flash drive. Some are like,

  • Deleting the files by mistake or forgetting to save a copy of the files before deletion.
  • You can even lose the files from flash drive when the flash drive is scanned by the anti-virus software to detect any threat. If auto fix option on the anti-virus is enabled then you will lose the files on it as the anti-virus program deletes the severely infected files.
  • File System corruption of the flash drive also leads to data loss. You will not be able to access the data in it.
  • Flash drive corruption due to mishandling of the drive. You will get the format error in that case. You will get the error message that the flash drive has not been formatted, would you like to format it now. In that situation, if you click on Yes or No, the files on the flash drive will be lost.

Enhanced features of Picture Recovery Software:

The Picture Recovery Software helps you to recover files from formatted flash drives efficiently. The software has powerful scanning mechanism that detects number of files from the flash drive. The file types include documents, access files, pictures, videos, audios, etc. on the computer. You may sometimes delete CRW image files. You may think can I retrieve deleted CRW image file? Then the software is the answer. The software helps you even recover image file types like RAW, CR2, NEF, etc. generated by digital cameras. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP OS. The software has lots of user friendly features. To know more about it, try the demo version of the software.

Precautionary measures:

  • Always have the backup of the data on the flash drive if you have any important information on it.
  • Always safely remove the flash drive from the device ports as there are chances of data on the flash drive becoming inaccessible due to card corruption.
  • Scan the drive for viruses regularly.
  • Look for the files on the flash drive before formatting.