Partition Recovery Tool: Perform Lost Partition Recovery

Disk partitioning is very common among computer users.  Through disk partitioning method, users divide their system hard drive into several smaller parts. These smaller parts are known as partitions. Partitions help users to store data in proper manner.  Like generally we store system files of C drive and other logical drives are used to store different types of files. But, there are number of scenarios due to which you may suffer partition lost problem.

Let’s assume a scenario: Where you were you are merging two partition of your system hard drive using disk management utility. But, while merging a partition sudden power failure occurs and your computer turns off abnormally. After this when you restart the system, you get shocked after finding this that one of your system hard drive partitions is missing and all the files from that partition are lost. Generally after facing such situation, users leave all their hopes.

For those users who lost their hard drive partition and still unaware with the real fact, I want to disclose one truth that lost partition can be recovered back. Anyone can easily retrieve lost partition data with the help of lost partition restoration program.

Factors due to which partition are lost are listed here:

  • Changing the file system of hard drive from one to another like from FAT16 to FAT32 or FAT32 to NTFS, leads to partition lost.
  • The partition is generally lost if any kind of interruption occurs, in-between operating system re-installation process.
  • Viruses attack on the partition file system is another big reason for partition lost.
  • Using the third party application to create/merge/expand partition, sometime ends with partition lost.
  • Operating system malfunction is another common reason, which brings partition lost from the hard drive.

Above stated scenarios ends with partition lost and inaccessibility of the files stored in it. To solve out this issue and to retrieve lost data, you need help of lost partition recovery tool. However, if you have update backup of partition then you can restore your files from there, in case  don’t have any backup then the only choice of getting lost partition back  is lost partition recovery program. Using this tool you can easily recover files from repartitioned desktop HDD.

Lost partition recovery application is the best option, to overcome from partition loss situation. This tool uses advanced algorithms to recover data from missing partitions even though the partition table is damaged. It supports recovery of files from different types of hard drive interface for example IDE, SATA, SAS etc.

This tool even has the ability to generate disk images of hard drive to bypass bad sectors on it. It favors recovery from various file systems including, FAT32, NTFS and many more. This is one of the finest software to restore files from formatted drive on Windows OS. Refer the sites given here know more about this utility.

Approach to use lost partition recovery program:

To make use of this tool first download and install lost partition recovery software on your system. Run the application and start the recovery process. Click on partition recovery choice to recover your lost partition. The application scans and displays all the physical drives present in the computer. Choose the drive where partition is to be retrieved. The application scans and displays all the lost partitions from the selected drive. Select the partition from where data is to be retrieved. The tool again performs scanning process and displays all the recoverable files. Select the files which are to be recovered and click on next. Browse for the destination location to save your rescued data. This program also facilitates you to compress the recovered file before saving in order to save memory space.

Suggestions to avoid data loss situations:

  • Backup your important files on a regular basis, so that you can restore them back whenever data loss situations happen.
  • Use updated version of antivirus program to remove all the spyware or malwares from your hard drive partition. As severe viruses reduces the performance of the system and leads to partition formatting.