How to recover lost data from your Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most popular and widely used operating systems. Year by year Windows is emerging with new ideas and new versions of OS to facilitate easy and comfortable usage to its customers. Windows 7 has many user friendly features and is also a safe and secure OS compared to others. Nonetheless, Windows 7 is also susceptible to data loss situations. There are chances of losing your vital data from stored on your Windows 7 systems. It can be a result of your mistake or might be due to some other faulty software operations or anything. If in case you lose your data from Windows 7 systems what will you do? Will you be able to handle the situation? No right? I believe no one would ever thought of it and will be prepared also. To know all these, read this article more…

Data loss has become a common incident while working with the data. There are many situations in which you lose your data from Windows 7 OS. it may be even due to urgency also. Consider a situation where you are working with your Windows 7 based laptop. You had created many files which contained your project details which was very urgent. While working with these documents, suddenly your laptop froze without any warning. Even after waiting for a long time your system could not return to the normal state. You lost your patience, and just restored the system and restarted your laptop. Then you will try to find your new files i.e. project files, but you will fail to do so. But you could view the other files. Then you realize that the files created before the restore point was present but not those created after the restore point. Unfortunately, your files were not created at the time you created or set the restore point. Those files were very useful to you and needed very urgently. Now, you don’t even have the time for recreating these files. After losing your priceless files you might be shocked and might have become restless. In such cases, you will be blank and do not know what to do. So, instead of wasting time thinking over it again and again, you can use a good data recovery tool for Windows 7 get your entire data back. The tool is Windows Recovery Software, using which you can effortlessly regain your lost or deleted data from your Windows 7 OS.

This is just a one illustration of how you lose your data on Windows 7. However, there are many such situations in which you lose your files easily. Among them some of these are:

  • Deleting the files accidentally or intentionally instead of deleting some other files
  • Formatting the drive using some unreliable third-party tool which leads to loss of some data
  • File system corruption due to some unknown errors or virus or malware attack
  • Frequent power fluctuations, improper shut down of the system while transferring the contents or while working with some app or files

All the above scenarios lead of loss of data from your Windows 7 OS. However, there is no need to get panic at all, you have this tool. It can easily get them back within a short while. Some of the main features of this utility are:

  • Able to recover the files lost by any reason and at any situation
  • Supports all storage devices like hard drives, external drives, iPods, flash memory cards and many others
  • With the help of the inbuilt “Find tool” you can easily identify, locate and sort the files based on the name, size, type and date of creation of these files
  • Also, one can view each file, even before actually restoring the files , by using trial version itself

Due to the above reasons, I would like to say it is the best data recovery tool among all others. It really makes difference in performance and abilities from the other available tool. If you want to recover your data from Windows 7, just download the tool, from here and install it on your Windows 7. Select an appropriate option based on the requirement and press “Next” that starts the scanning process. After completion, you can view them. Also use “Preview” option and view each file. Now, save the files on any location of your choice.